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Musings on body confidence, strength training and empowerment.


I’m no unicorn. If I could do it, so can you! Get inspired by reading my fitness story.


Ready to get started on your fitness journey or take your fitness to the next level?

Hi, I’m Katherine.

When I first started my fitness journey I was looking for inspiration as well as information on what to do. So many fitness accounts that I followed left me feeling worse than before due to comparison.

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for a way to feel better about your body while you navigate this crowded online fitness space.

Maybe you’re here because you’ve been on more diets than you can count. You’ve tried all the group classes and latest fitness trends.

What you really want is long-lasting results, not temporary fixes! Most importantly, you want to stop hating on your body.

I can show you how


  • I have zero hesitation in recommending Katherine to anyone looking for an instructor, coach, or real-living inspiration.
    Owner of Kult Fitness
  • Anyone that can make me enjoy working out is truly talented.
    Personal Training Client
  • Our sessions not only train my body, but they train my mind and soul, too.
    Personal Training Client
  • Training with Katherine made me feel positive about myself and gave me a lot of motivation. Absolutely love training with her!
    Personal Training Client


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